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February 22, 2010

my class 2

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There are a lot of toolbar and most of them are free of charge. I often use Google because it is easy to install and there are a lot of features like Google search, search site, pagerank, page info, highlight and word find which I find comfortable to use because it is user friendly. I could also log in into GMail account.

It is my first time to hear the Alexa toolbar, I was surprised that it  gives detailed site statistics and information with a click of the mouse. The Alexa Toolbar gives you access to site owners’ contact information, site stats and user reviews of web sites.


An affiliate network company is one that acts as a third-party “honest broker” and functions as a middleman between merchants and affiliates. It’s a centralized service where merchants can list their products and the details of their affiliate programs, and affiliates can peruse the various programs available and then sign-up for the ones they choose. The affiliate network company looks after all of the sales tracking statistics, provision of marketing tools, and the issue of commission checks to affiliates. Joining an affiliate network as an affiliate is equally beneficial. Joining is free, and the whole process of finding and selecting programs is simplified through categorical search facilities. Because merchants pay top-dollar for a good network’s management services, affiliate networks in general tend to offer higher-quality programs.


Pay per click search engines are another vital tool for doing market research on the Internet. Example is Overture.com, it allows you to create instant traffic to your website by paying a small amount for each visitor click. By researching the cost per click that advertisers pay per keyword or keyword phrase, you can get a very quick and accurate picture of the value of a particular topic.


Affiliate Fuel has a really attractive user interface, based on a “service station” theme. However, you have to get past the ‘cutesy’ navigation labels. Without the fly out explanations, terms such as ‘Drive In’, ‘Fill Up’, ‘Under the Hood’, ‘Tune Up’ or ‘Checkout’ can be confusing. Affiliate Fuel is one of the few networks that posts whether an advertiser’s account is properly funded. In keeping with the fifties scheme service station scheme, this is depicted through graphic ‘gauges’. The gauge displays the amount of money left in the account. If the account is more than 1/2 full, all advertising creatives (banners, etc.) are available and all affiliates can run an offer. If your account is low, you are limited to running the offer only through banners and not through emails or newsletters. If the account gauge displays as empty, the offer is being ‘refueled’ and isn’t available until the advertiser has made a deposit to their account.


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