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March 13, 2010

DOMAIN ISSUES(my class 3)

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Free Domains – Worth about that Much

Free domain names and Web site hosts are worth precisely what you pay for them.

There are 6 drawbacks to hosting yoursiteson free servers:

  • Lose Credibility –  My impression of businesses on free servers is similar to street vending. I might buy an inexpensive little trinket, but never anything of value.
  • Banner Advertising on Your Pages – Nothing is really free. In exchange for space on their servers, the host places their own banner advertising on your pages. Their banners detract from your business.
  • Funky Long Address – Which address will your visitors remember?http://members.atsomefreeserver.com/~johnsbusiness/ or http://johnbusiness.com?. Of course, visitors would prefer the shorter address.
  • Lack of Features – Free hosts generally restrict the amount of space you can take up on their servers. The sites offer few, if any, of the most basic features necessary to run an ecommerce site, e.g. cgi-bins and shopping carts.
  • Slow Loading Pages – Most free server pages load very slowly. Slow loading pages are the primary reason people cite for failing to complete online order placement. Let’s not chase our visitors away before they have a chance to become customers.
  • Customer Service – Non-existent. Your site is down? Tough luck. That’s why you get what you pay for.

How to Choose a Domain Name

Your domain name is your business name on the web. It represents both you and your business, that’s why think carefully when making your domain name.

Here are 6 things to consider when choosing your domain name.

  • Make it DOT COM – Although there are a number of domain name extensions to choose from, including .com, .net, and .biz amongst many others, choose .COM. The ‘.com’ extension is the one people think of first when they think of web addresses, so go with it. “.com” is for commercial sites while “.net” is for network.
  • Make it Relevant – When making your domain name, be sure to make it relevant based on what business you are in.
  • Make it Memorable – Shorter names are also easier to remember.
  • Try to Avoid hyphens – Sometimes there are instances that there is a similar site like yours who also sells the same product that you are selling but there site is non-hyphenated. Instead of customers buying from your site there would be a possibility that they will go to the site without hyphen.
  • Avoid a name that you need to spell out. – Take for example my site, byebye925.com. The first time you hear it, you might think it is spelled ‘bybynine2five.com’, ‘byebyeninetofive.com’ or a number of other ways.
  • Take care not to infringe on a trademark – A trademark is a name or symbol is officially registered to a third party, and unless otherwise specified, the trademark owner is the only party that can legally make use of a trademarked name. If you would be purchasing a domain containing a trademark it would result to legal battle and could have your site shut down. That’s why you should be responsible enough to research if you have a trademark on your domain.

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