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March 20, 2010

Design Rules-of-thumb(report #28)

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Links should look like links

There are three Standard Link colors, these are:

Underlined Blue – unvisited

Red- active or hover

Purple- visited

In order to simply change all the link use ‘cascading style sheets’ or ‘CSS’. In using this CSS it would do away the need to hard core the font face, size and color every time you would like to change to a word’s appearance.

Color Scheme

There are a lot of meanings and connotations from different colors. When choosing the color scheme, it’s good to stick with the tried and true. It wouldn’t be nice to look at if you have a men’s site and then make pink as the primary color.

Page Backgrounds

It is not good to look at pages with busy background. Visitors wouldn’t waste their time reading something that would give them a headache, especially with those who have poor eyesight.

Use of Pop-Ups

For most site visitors they don’t like pop-ups specially me. It is sometimes a disturbance especially if the internet connection is slow then your searching for something then pop-ups suddenly appear its kind of irritating.


Under no circumstances should a site broadcast noise and/or music without its visitors’ permission. Have you ever clicked through to a Web site and had your eardrums immediately assaulted by some Webmaster’s “idea” of great music? Or how about one that starts off with a voice-over monologue by the Webmaster when you arrive? It is unacceptable, even if your site is about music, your visitors should have the option as to what they want to hear, and when they want to hear it.


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