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March 20, 2010

Web Site Essentials

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Your website is a direct reflection of you and your business. Creating a professional website designed to sell will take a great deal of time and effort, as there is much more to take into consideration than design. you must look at a much broader picture and specifically design your website to sell.

Every page on your site should either display or have links to the following site elements.


You a business logo for your site, a unique one. Whether your logo is simply your URL done in a fancy font and neat color on a graphic image, or a professionally designed logo – your site needs a unique logo. It sets your site apart and makes it memorable. It would be more memorable than those sites that just simply enlare and bold the font on their URL. For the price of one or two month’s hosting, a professionally designed graphic logo is a great investment in the future of your site.

TAG line / Slogan

When making a Tag line or slogan for your site it should say or it should be relevant on exactly what your site is all about. And it should be catchy, short (not more than four or five words).

Privacy Statement

Every commercial web site should have a privacy/security statement. Inclusion of these statements will achieve a number of things for you. They will differentiate you from your competitors, instill user confidence and trust, reduce liability, and increase your web site’s conversion rate.
A privacy and security statement explains what information is being collected by your site, how it’s being collected and safeguarded, and how it will be used. It is a legal, binding document, an explicit statement made on behalf of the site owner to the site user.

Contact Information

This is very helpful because you will never know if a visitor is encountering problems with your site. This way, not only you can get feed backs from your guests, but also you can correct the problem fast.

In doing a website remember that you are trying to please your target market and not just yourself. Step into their shoes and see if your website will catch the interest of your market.

‘About Us’ Page

An ‘About Us’ page instills trust. People like to put a name and a face to what they are reading. I can’t blame them. I do as well. It’s a human trait. We like to know who we’re dealing with. If we feel that someone is hiding their face, then we’re less likely to trust them. Another thing to add to your ‘About Us’ page is your qualifications for creating your Web site. When people read that you started your ‘Go Fishing’ site because you are a fishing guide in the Adirondack Mountains, they’ll likely put more faith and trust in your site.
In that particular case, that information would probably be included elsewhere on the site, but also be sure to include it in the ‘About Us’ section for those who might miss it elsewhere.


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