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March 21, 2010


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Ezine Advertising

Ezines/Newsletters are published in the internet over hundreds and thousands. Placing advertising in ezines is a low-cost and extremely effective way to bring qualified traffic to your site. Chances are excellent that there are many ezines published on a topic relevant to your site. The Directory of Ezines is an excellent resource for quickly finding ezines targeted to your audience.

For a wealth of information about email advertising and to access targeted opt-in email lists where you can place your ads, check out the following sites: BestEzines.com http://www.bestezines.com, Directory of Ezines http://directoryofezines.com, E-zineZ.com http://www.e-zinez.com, LifeStylesPub.com

Build an Opt-In Subscriber List

Permission email marketing works! Building an opt-in list is the most cost-effective and valuable method of marketing on the Internet. This is what you call ‘permission-based marketing’ where your subscriber willingly signed-up or “opted-in” to receive your information that would allow you to:

• Offer products and services for sale to that subscriber

• Survey subscribers to gather information for new products

• Build a rapport with the subscribers

Once you have built a list of a few hundred subscribers, keeping that list up-to-date on an ongoing basis can be a complicated and time-consuming process. So, it is recommended that you use a professional “mailing list service” to keep on top of your list(s) for you. These services automatically handle all your signups, unsubscriptions, and bounces.

The biggest advantage to having a professional service maintain your mailing list is that it protects you from spam complaints. Most affiliate networks that permit email marketing of their merchants’ offerings insist that you be able to produce evidence of subscriber opt-in.

Publish an Ezine, eCourse or Both

Most Internet marketers invite visitors to join their mailing lists by offering a free newsletter. When published regularly, a good newsletter brings visitors back to your site over and over again, exposing them to all the wonderful products and services you have to offer. Use your newsletter to notify your subscribers about special promotions and sales held by your merchant partners.

It’s best to link from your newsletter to a special ‘sales’ page on your site, as opposed to sending them directly to the merchant’s site. That way you can test the effectiveness of your offers by keeping track of the number of visitors who visit that page via your newsletter.


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