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March 21, 2010


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Search Engine & Crawler Listings

Search engine crawlers visit sites and automatically build listings, generally without the need to submit your site. To get picked up by the crawlers, you need to have good links pointing to your site. The best link to get is a paid listing in the Yahoo! directory. Having that Yahoo! link, will almost guarantee you a visit from Google’s spider, and a free Google listing by result. Getting found on the major engines is important. In order to do this, your pages must be optimized and submitted individually. Page optimization and submissions are dealt with in more detail in an earlier section.

Group and Forum Postings

Yahoo, Google, MSN and other major portal sites have discussion groups and clubs to which you can post messages. I recommend taking time to research the groups you are interested in before posting. When you do post, make sure your message is not a blatant advertisement for your site. Responding to another group member’s question with valuable information is the best way to gain respect and credibility in the groups. If members want to learn more about you and your business, let them find you through your signature line that links to your website.


In your quest for traffic, you’ll probably come across FFA, or Free For All, sites as well. Theylook OH so promising – ‘Submit your URL to have your site appear on THOUSANDS of pages across our Network”. Webmasters list their URL’s on the FFA page in hopes of generating traffic to their site. However, when you post to an FFA site, you get one line or a couple hundred characters to describe your site. Chances are good that your link will never be seen. FFA’s are nothing more than rotating lists of links.

Each and every time a site is submitted, the FFA site owner sends a confirmation email to the contact address provided by the listing webmaster. THAT is the real purpose of the FFA site. The FFA owner collects email addresses so he can send out his advertising message. He already knows that you, the listing webmaster, are interested in getting traffic to your web site, so he targets his message in that direction. In most cases, he’ll offer to sell you a service that promises to submit your site to THOUSANDS of FFA posting sites and search engines… and all for the low, low price of $59. Wow! In return, you’ll receive THOUSANDS more confirmation emails from all those other FFA site owners.


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