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March 21, 2010

Turn Clicks Into Customers (report #31)

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According to Corey Rudl (President of the Internet Marketing Center) “it is harder to get someone to buy in the internet than in a normal business environment”.

The average visitor-to-sales conversion for a good affiliate program is between half and one percent. In other words, you are achieving an average ‘conversion rate’ if you make 1 sale for every hundred visitors you send to a merchant’s site.

How to Write Compelling Product Endorsements

Don’t you hate being on the receiving end of a sales pitch? You’re not alone. Most people do. That’s why the best way to promote your affiliate program products is to endorse them, honestly and sincerely.

In order for your endorsement to be persuasive, you should have personal experience with the product and be enthusiastic about it just and you can make a personal testimonial from that. The primary ingredient in a compelling personal testimonial is an explanation of how you benefited from use of the product or service. Given those two factors, writing the endorsement then becomes easy.

That’s why super affiliates almost always buy the products they sell. They study the product or service inside and out, backwards and forwards. They note all the features, both good and bad.

Writing the recommendation takes time and care. You need to carefully consider all you want to say and anticipate your readers’ reactions. When you anticipate your visitors’ concerns, you are able to address them BEFORE they become unanswered questions that cause them to click away.

Learn the Art of Copywriting

The vast majority of an affiliate’s work is about communicating and that ninety-nine percent of that communication happens in writing. The job of an affiliate is about ‘pre-selling’ and not selling. To pre-sell effectively you have to capture the interests of your visitors in the products that you are offering.

You just don’t write product endorsements for your sites; you will also be writing ads and sales copy for ezines and pay per click listings to entice folks to come to your site. You should also be writing articles about the benefits of those products for your own ad others’ newsletters.

When writing it is as simple as speaking directly to people and telling them how the products you sell can make their lives better.


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