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March 23, 2010

How to prevent commission theft

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Losing an amount of money, especially when you made effort to earn that money but will just be lost because of  theft or in online marketing, is called affiliate link hijacking and it can be very heart-breaking.

There are two types of commission thieves, consumers and other affiliates.

Consumers steal affiliate commissions by removing an affiliate’s ID from the URL prior to clicking through to the site. How do they change the URL to cheat the affiliate? Example your affiliate URL is http://www.one-and-only.com/index.htm?AssociateID=6486. A consumer, with cruel intention will see that URL in their browser status bar when their cursor is placed over the link. To prevent credit going to my link, they could either type One and Only’s main URL, http://one-and-only.com directly into their browser’s address window. They could also right click the link and then copy and paste it into the address window and then remove the AssociateID=6486 portion of the link before they clickthrough to the site.

Other Affiliates will use the same techniques. However, they swap your affiliate ID for their own to get the commission when they buy the product. In effect, they are discounting their own purchase.

To prevent affiliate commission theft, there are methods you could apply.

1. On Mouse Over– it will show text of your choosing in the status bar when someone places his/her cursor over your link. But unfortunately, your link can be seen when its right-clicked. So how could you eliminate this function?

2. Disable Right-Click– Here’s the script that that pops a message when someone uses right-click to try and see your link coding.

Put the following script in the Head of your page:

<script language=”Javascript1.2″>
// Set the message for the alert box
am = “This function is disabled!”;
// do not edit below this line
// ===========================
bV = parseInt(navigator.appVersion)
bNS = navigator.appName==”Netscape”
bIE = navigator.appName==”Microsoft Internet Explorer”
function nrc(e) {
if (bNS && e.which > 1){
return false
} else if (bIE && (event.button >1)) {
return false;
document.onmousedown = nrc;
if (document.layers) window.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN);
if (bNS && bV<5) window.onmousedown = nrc;

You could actually change the the message “this function is disabled” replaced it with what you want. But again this is not yet a safe method.To see the link coding on a right-click disabled page, all one needs to do is use “View Source” and look at the HTML page source.

3. Affiliate Link Cloaking Software- This method is easy to use. You just need to buy a software that would cloak your affiliate link. However, there are sites today that offers free affiliate link cloaking.

Be equipped with these methods. Don’t be fooled by those mean hackers. Beat them!


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