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March 23, 2010

is my site eligible for this program? how much is the commission?

Is My Site Eligible for this Program?

It is important to know whether your site will be eligible for a specific program. Publishers will be accepted into the program based on the following criteria Quality and appropriateness of site, Volume of traffic, at least a one-dollar sign ranking in the Commission Junction network, Own domain name, Compliant with the Commission Junction publisher service agreement, Directly related to performance marketing. So this criteria are very essential. Check if something is wrong or does not makes sense, it is better to neglect it.

Is there a Fee to Join the Program?

Most of the affiliate programs does not charge fees or payments. If a site charged for fees then it can’t be considered as a affiliate programs. That is not an affiliate program but it is called as Multi-Level Marketing scheme or MLM. An example of MLM is the Six Figure Income which helps and inspire home-based entrepreneurs. In order to earn income from SFI, you must a one of the company’s products each and every month to have sales earnings. Likewise, the program should require exclusivity or privacy. When you sign-up with a one company that would mean that you must promise not to have partnerships with the others. You must not take this as a disadvantage because once you become a partner of a company, better products or services will eventually come along.

How Much is the Commission? Indeed, in business it is really one of the most important thing to consider is knowing your profit or commission. In internet marketing, you need to compare the payout rates between the affiliate programs you are planning to join. Like for example, if you are planning to join a market about banking. Visit the commission soup and they will give you lists of advertisers who engaged in banking. By selecting “lead” from the interface, advertisers are listed and sorted according to their pay-out per lead.


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