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March 21, 2010

11 Ways to Market Your Site Offline

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I think that offline marketing methods for affiliate sites are for the most part a waste of time, and time IS money. However, if you have lots of both to spare, you may want to consider the following ways to go ‘al fresco’ with your site.

1. Car decals – No doubt you’ve seen many cars plastered with Dot Com decals, and made a mental not to yourself to check out the web site when you got home or to your office.

2. Business cards – These are highly effective marketing tools when you remember to put them in your wallet.

3. Personalized Stationery – Although it’s unlikely that you will need to have business stationery printed as an affiliate marketer, I do recommend that you include your URL on any and all letters that you write.

4. Speaking Engagements – Offer to share your knowledge by speaking about your area of specialization at seminars and clubs.

5. Classified Ads – Advertise your site in the classifieds section of local and regional newspapers. Do a small test first to see whether the return on investment (ROI) will be worthwhile.

6 .Press Releases – Do you have an event scheduled or breaking news related to your site’s topic? Send out a press release to announce it to the world! For example, a dating site might send out a press release about the numbers of singles who use the Internet to meet just prior to Valentine’s Day. A well written release can dramatically increase your sales, expose your company to the masses, and greatly enhance the image of your business or products.

7. Trade Publications – The cost to advertise in a trade publication or journal can be prohibitive if you are starting a home-based affiliate marketing business on a budget. But it might still be worth your consideration.

8. Wear Your URL – Have some hats or t-shirts printed with your URL and logo and wear them proudly. Give them away so others may do the same. There is a slight chance someone will see and remember your site’s URL until they get home to their computer.

9. Promotional items – Become a sponsor at a conference related to your industry. Hundreds, if not thousands, of targeted consumers will be looking at your URL every time they pick up your pen or look at your mouse pad.

10. Tell Your Friends and Family – it’s not really that effective, some visits immediately and were soon the proud recipients of several rave reviews. But months later, many still haven’t seen your homepage.

11.  Happy Customers – This is one way to market offline that is worth its weight in gold. When your customers are happy with what you serve them they are likely to spread the word about your site and that is always a good thing.


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